I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart on your pregnancy! Having a baby is a big deal. I firmly believe that a harmonious pregnancy and a self-determined birth are irreplaceable for your baby - but also for you. Because with the birth not only a small person is born into this world, but also a woman into her mother role. 

In order to support you on your way to motherhood, I work with different instruments. As Doula I am there for you during the whole pregnancy, but also during the birth for you and your partner. I work with hypnosis techniques and yoga to strengthen you in your pregnancy and prepare you for birth. 

My offer for pregnancy and childbirth:

Doula Work

The term Doula comes from ancient Greek and means "servant of the woman" loosely translated. I am there for you in your pregnancy, during childbirth and in your puerperium. 


Is a Doula worth it?


A study conducted in 17 countries in 2017 proves that a doula has a lasting effect on the birth experience. Anyone who gives birth with a birth companion has:

  • 50% fewer Caesarean sections
  • 41% less use of suction cup or pliers
  • 39% less use of contraceptives
  • 60% less demand for PDAs
  • 28% less need for any painkillers
  • 1/4 shorter birth duration
  • 1/3 reduced risk of evaluating the birth experience as negative

The numbers speak for themselves. I should like to add that, in my opinion, every woman deserves a good escort, and above all one that meets her wishes. The moment of birth is magical. The way there and the birth itself should therefore be a way of love, accompanied by security and all the support a mother-to-be desires. 


As your doula I am there to accompany you through your pregnancy and during your birth. To help you to experience your dream birth and to give you security. I am your emotional support in a time that is stirring and at the same time all-embracing epic.


I live in Zurich myself and therefore offer accompaniments within a radius of about one hour. I offer the following Doula escorts:

DOULA Package


  • informal meeting
  • Two preliminary talks
  • constant support via e-mail and Whatsapp
  • 4 weeks stand-by time with 24 hours availability around the birth date
  • Accompaniment during the birth
  • A visit to the childbed

Cost: 1310.-


If desired, a private HypnoBirthing birth preparation course (approx. 5 hours) can be booked. This costs together with the companion only 400.

Doula Package xs

For women who have already given birth to a child or who decide to have a doula shortly before the birth date, I offer a light version of the accompaniment.


  • constant support by e-mail and telephone
  • 4 weeks on-call time with 24 hours all around availability around the birth date
  • Accompaniment during the birth
  • Telephone follow-up call

 Cost: 1010.-

Other Services


 Partial accompaniment:


Beside the packages I also offer a partial accompaniment. Depending on what you wish for, I can, for example, stop by in a childbed or accompany you to a preliminary talk with your doctor. Write me for a non-binding offer. 


Birth coaching:


So that your birth corresponds to your wishes, I also offer coaching in which we jointly determine your birth needs, decide where you really want to give birth and which preparation is important for you.


Costs: 200.00.-

Duration: approx. 2 hours


Prenatal Yoga

Movement, breath and relaxation - these are the holy three for a calm and self-determined birth. 

Group Course

The course consists of yoga (40 minutes), breathing and relaxation exercises (20 minutes) and a theoretical part of HypnoBirthing birth preparation (30 minutes). 



Do you want to keep moving and fit during your pregnancy? Do you want to give yourself and your baby a little time together and get in touch with your child even more? You want to learn how to reduce fears, how to deal with pain and how to approach your birth in a positive and self-determined way? But you also want lots of tips on how to choose the right birth place for you, how to prepare your body for the birth and how to create a birth that is right for you? Then the course is the right choice for you and your child.


Course details:


Where: Yoga Lab Zurich (Löwenstrasse 2)

When: Every Friday at 17.30 (90 minutes)


The theoretical part of the course, in which you learn the most important techniques of HypnoBirthing, but also learn everything about the birth process, is repeated every 8 weeks. We therefore recommend that you attend the course 8 times in a row.


Cost: 360.-/8 lessons (lessons are valid for 12 weeks)

Health insurance: Some supplementary insurances pay part of the costs. The clarification is the responsibility of the participant.


It is recommended to start at the 17th week of pregnancy.


This class is held in German.


Privat Class

You're learning:


  • Exercises that optimally support your body in your pregnancy.
  • Variations of exercises you should avoid as a pregnant woman.
  • Breathing techniques that you can use safely during pregnancy.
  • Relaxation techniques that support you during pregnancy and prepare you for childbirth.
  • All kinds of helpful tips, tricks and information for birth preparation.



130.- / 60 minutes

180.-/ 90 minutes